why is everyone talking about

48 hours  

48 hours - is that a thing?

What is it about the first 48 hours with regards to evict squatters? The law does not mention anything about 48 hours, and it is not mentioned anywhere else either. Still, you hear all the time that the first 48 hours of a home invasion from squatters are crucial to reclaim you home quickly.

Provide proof of illegal activity

The reason is how the police will treat the incident. It is not written anywhere but most police station will handle a home invasion, as a burglary or break-in if you can prove this is a recent occurrence, as then there is no doubt that this is an illegal trespassing.

Make it simple

As the home-owner, you know the truth that you have an illegal squatters living in your home. Seen from the viewpoint of the police. If you get a case where you have 2 parties, one, the owner, claims the people staying at the home is squatters and needs to be thrown out. The people staying in the home claims they are renting the place and entitled to stay. This creates a difficult situation for the police, to tell what the actual situation is, especially if the people occupying the home have stayed there for a longer period and claim to be a tenant. The case will be even more complicated if there are children in the dwelling as well. The police will then be hesitant to act and rather leave the matter up to the courts. 

No formal time limit

So, the 48 hours is not a formal limit but if you can prove to the police that your home has been recently invaded this will enable them to act on the incident and evict the squatters in your property.

Be prepared

The steps you should take as a home-owner in Spain to be prepared should you be a target for squatters. First you should install an alarm with camera functionality or video monitoring of your property. Having this you are able prove that the invasion of your home is recent and that the people staying there are doing so illegally.  

Have a local representative

Secondly you should have somebody locally in Spain that can represent you legally and report the incident to the police, if not you will need to travel to Spain to make the claims to the police in person, which can be a challenge with the time constrains. Having an alarm will be preventive, but if you get squatters in your home, the alarm will report the incident if they have a confirmed break-in, but they will not file any claims on your behalf or otherwise take the matter further, hence a legal representative is essential to be able to evict squatters quickly.
It is important that your legal representative has a copy of the necessary documents to show the police as this will be required when filing a claim. 

Full Protection Service

We at Vesta Vigilar provides all this as a service we have alarm or monitoring services of your property, we have a legal team that can represent you and handle any squatter incidents, filing claims with the police, follow up on cases to ensure the police acts and in worst case take the case to court if needed be and not stopping until the squatters are evicted from your property. This is all included in our services.

Get in touch to find out how Vesta Vigilar can help build your defences against squatters in Spain. 

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