can the squatter report the owner to the police  

Squatter cases on the rise

In the last few years, the crimes of illegally occupying a house have skyrocketed, so much that the concern about returning to your holiday home in Spain and finding your home occupied has increased, or Spanish citizens finding their habitual residence squatted when returning from vacation. 

Holiday homes a target

Having said this, squatters get a better outcome occupying an empty holiday home rather than a habitual residence so professional squatters avoid main homes with this being considered more of a crime than the usurpation of an empty property. Once justified that the occupied property is their dwelling, the squatters law guarantees them a prolonged stay. 

Protected by the law

Once the squatter takes possession of the dwelling and can prove that it is "his dwelling", he will be protected by the <<the domicile>>, established in Spanish property law, being a right that prevails over the right to private property. At this moment the owner nor even the police will be able to access the house unless there is a court order, or a flagrant crime occurs.‎


the squatters are established

The Squatter can report the owner if he enters the house or if he tries to carry out any of the below actions. If an owner acts on his own and without resorting to legal mechanisms he will be committing a crime. 


If the owner enters the property
The squatted property is still yours in property, however, if the squatter can justify that it is his dwelling, the possession is temporarily his. If we enter the house, we would be committing a break-in. First case scenario the squatter can report the owner. 


If the owner cuts off supplies:
Paying for water and electricity consumption when it is not your usage, or you cannot use the property seems illogical. However, cutting off the supplies of the house can be considered a tactic of pressure, which would be considered a crime.

Although this is totally unfair, cutting off the supplies could be another reason why the squatter can report the owner. 


If the owner changes the lock - Can I change the locks on a squatter?
‎If you wait for the squatters to leave the property to access it with your own key or with the help of a locksmith and change the lock you would be considered committing a crime of coercion in addition to breaking in.

Don´t change the locks because the squatter can report you. Most houses that have been squatted have PPP dogs on guard or outside to "scare" of any intentions of entry. 


No owner or neighbour should assault or threaten the squatters
Seeing the squatters in communal areas of the building can be very tempting and inviting to say or do something however, if any injuries or threats are done to the squatters you may have to pay large fines or could even get arrested. This also includes public manifestations or squatter protests for "Anti Okupas".

When there is intimidation, it is another cause where the squatter can report the owner or a neighbour who acts against the squatter.‎ 


The landlord should not expose the squatter publicly
Nowadays, it is very common for us to share life on social media and through this platform we can find help, but you must be careful not to publish personal data of the squatters.

The squatters can report the owner for exposing their data. 

We take care of you

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