Squatters in Spain

What are Squatters?
Individuals who break in to homes and live free of charge. The Spanish law makes the process of removing squatters from your property complex. From the outside it seems like the law protects the squatters more than the homeowners. Removing the squatters can sometimes be considered a crime, depending on the procedures and circumstances.

Squatter cases on the rise

With a high level of unemployment in Spain, there are an increase of squatter cases.

How to be prepared to handle squatters

There are some actions you can take to be prepared to handle squatters at your property.

Top 5 steps to avoid squatters

Tips on how to avoid squatters to invade your property. 

What to do the first 24 hours

When your house is invaded by squatters time is of the essence to handle the situation. 

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