Our process


Vesta Vigilar takes care of you in a way no other security company does. 

Connected to an alarm central

Your property is connected to an alarm central 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will respond to any triggered alarm when the system is armed. We will  contact the police when there are a confirmed break in.

Camera detector

With a motion detector and camera in one we can see what has triggered the alarm.


In the event of a triggered alarm we are able to hear and see what is happening in the property. We can talk to the intruders and quickly connect to the police.

This is where the other security companies stop their service

Deliver a formal notice to the police

Since we have a PoA with our clients we can deliver a formal notification on behalf of the home owner. Other security companies can notify the police of an break in, but are not able to deliver a formal notice on your behalf. 

Close follow-up with the police

We have a close dialog with the police to ensure  they take the appropriate action in your case.

Going to court

If the police is unsuccessful resolving the case, our team of lawyers will file the appropriate papers to the court - with no cost to you.

Liberate your home

Our team will handle your case until

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