on the rise  

Squatter cases on the rise

According to the property agents the numbers of squatters squatting holiday homes just keeps rising.
More and more squatter cases in holiday homes are being registered around Spain, with Cataluña and Andalucía having the most cases of squatting property, the Comunidad of Valencia and Murcia Region´s numbers are increasing fast and rapidly experiencing its peak. 

Confusing law

With the squatter’s law and the Spanish legislation on this matter being very confusing and not at all clear to act diligently and quickly, for all international homeowners in Spain it can be a nightmare and very stressful. Therefore, Vesta Vigilar is here – 24/7 professional monitoring for when not present - preventing squatters, Keyholing and in addition, composed with a very professional and efficient legal team with squatter eviction experience if required.

The judicial process can be long

It has been pointed out that the increase in cases of registered homes occupied in Spain is due to the lack of clarity of the Spanish property law. Since the‎‎ current judicial process involves very high costs and a perpetuation over time of the crime of 'squatting' that ‎‎does not offer any guarantee to the owners‎‎, which gives many opportunities to the 'squatters' to invade the property of others especially when the owners do not live in the house full time. At Vesta Vigilar we offer all our homeowners the guarantee of peace of mind, not having to pay any legal fees plus the continuity of our team to fight on your behalf until your house has been vacated by squatters if invaded.

change to the law is coming

but it takes a long time

For many years it has been confirmed that ‎‎a State Pact is necessary‎‎ in which all the social, political, and technical agents involved in the functioning of the market can meet, reach an agreement plus an effective and long-term solution.‎ However, until that is reached, agreed, and put in place to be implemented, they will continue to be successful squatters with squatters legal rights keep getting away with invading holiday homes, living for free and making a living out of it if they accept to be “paid off”.

Underreported cases

The latest official numbers published for REPORTED squatter cases registered are from 2020, when 2021 numbers are published this year in 2022 there will be a rather drastic difference.
Remember, when these numbers are posted on the official Spanish bulletin board, these are the numbers of REPORTED SQUATTER CASES, this is NOT the total of squatter cases in Spain. It does not count the ones that have not been reported, paid off or squatters having been removed by force (in which can later implement more complications) 

The numbers from 2020 are lower as should have been as the pandemic was happening so as lots of homeowners abroad were not knowledgeable of squatters in their property nor people could go to their second residences.

The total of 14.675 reports for homes occupied in Spain were made in 2020. Having that in mind and the other Squatters illegally occupying a house in Spain that were not reported, it is a large number of squatters aka okupas in Spanish.

We take care of you

At Vesta Vigilar we will take care of it all putting your mind at ease. Our fully qualified legal team with lot´s of experience in the Squatters industry will take action on your behalf until the squatters have been evicted. Be fully covered for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. Our main priority is prevention first but if this scenario was to happen we will have you protected at no extra cost, saving you thousands of euros - Contact us today!.