Top 5 measures to take to avoid squatters  

Uninhabited homes are at risk

The number of inhabited homes that have been illegally occupied is worrying. This type of action is quite common in properties that are uninhabited for many months, those houses that are free during the summer because their owners return home for the hot season. Regardless of the reason, it is necessary to take measures to protect the house and know how to prevent and protect home from squatters.

With the outbreak of squatters and illegal occupations spreading throughout the Spanish national territory the procedure to recover the house is complex, expensive and can be very slow if one does not have squatter protection. Therefore, in order not to be in the situation of having to throw anyone out and reclaim one's own home, it is advisable to put into practice a series of tips in addition to our Full Squatter Protection service offering you 24/7 monitoring prevention but also covering all legal side and costs if one situation was to arise.

Security camera

The first measure that we tend to think about when it comes to squatters entering our homes is PREVENTION. Installation of a security camera. The moment in which there is some strange movement in the house, the system sends a notification to our professional monitoring team who then proceed to contact police and owner. Leaving this system itself already acting as a deterrent to the squatters.

Advertise that the property are protected

An advisory/warning sign outside of one’s home that inform the property is protected and monitored by an professional services is one of the most effective ways to PREVENT squatters to invade the property.

Give the impression of activity

Pay attention when leaving your home to make sure all doors are locked, and windows are closed. If the house is going to be closed for many months, it is always important to give the impression that people live inside. To do this, it is advisable not to lower the blinds completely on those windows/doors without direct access to a balcony. Install a light system that turns on and off from time to time or leave some plants on the terrace or balcony.

Have someone looking after the house

If it is not possible to regularly visit the house, you can ask a friend or neighbour to collect your mail from the letter box and do not switch off your water supply or electric – because why would you switch that off if you live there or come regularly? 

Careful with social media

Being careful about what is posted on social media is also a way to prevent squatters from entering your holiday home.
These are some recommendations you can follow to try and protect your property from illegal occupations. Although to provide a greater guarantee, do not hesitate to subscribe to our FULL SQUATTER PROTECTION SERVICE that offers you the most complete coverage to solve unforeseen squatter events. Including 24/7 monitoring, quick response, documentation, police reporting, squatter insurance, legal assistance and eviction if required. 

Protecting your property from squatters in Spain is all about putting in place your ability to react quickly with proof of ownership and convince the police of your case so that they evict the squatters on the spot. Get in touch to find out how Vesta Vigilar can help build your defences against squatters in Spain. 

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