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SQUATTERS in Spain are a continued problem and the process of reporting and evicting SQUATTERS is complicated.

Approximately 15,000 homes are being occupied by SQUATTERS each year.

SQUATTERS target vacant holiday homes and abandoned properties; they survey the property before they act.

We protect your home away from home.

Vesta Vigilar specializes in PROTECTION AGAINST SQUATTERS.

Should there be an attempt to enter your home, our legal team acts immediately to prevent SQUATTERS possessing your holiday home.



Vesta Vigilar guarantees complete handling of any squatter situation until it is solved. Our team of experienced lawyers will take the appropriate actions to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, proactively acting on your behalf until you regain possession of your home.

At Vesta Vigilar we focus on preventing squatter situations from happening. Removing squatters can be extremely difficult, costly, time-consuming and exhausting. In the worst case scenario there was to be a squatter situation, Vesta Vigilar acts quickly. Our proactive approach and the ability to represent the house owner in front of the police and the legal system, majority of the time, allows the squatters to be evicted.

When squatters are not evicted quickly it will become extremely costly regaining possession of your holiday home. Firstly Lawyers and/or squatter eviction firms are expensive and squatters will often not leave until they get paid several thousands of euros. Secondly, you still have to pay for all running expenses, including electricity and water consumed by the squatters in your house. Finally, the serious damage that can occur to the property itself .