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Vesta Vigilar monitors your home and reports immediately to the homeowner, the police and follows up with legal support.


At Vesta Vigilar we ensure you 24/7 professional monitoring, preventing home invasions in your holiday home. High-quality cameras are used in the most suitable places of your home. If there is detection of motion within your property, we will report to the relevant authorities. We recommend that our legal team have a power of attorney to represent the homeowner in case of a house invasion. Our skilled operators will immediately contact the property owner in addition to the relevant authorities in case of an unwanted person on property. We document all reported activity, which is essential in the case of reporting the incident to the police and the authorities.



Vesta Vigilar has a committed legal team with experienced lawyers. Upon the issuance of a power of attorney, we are able to represent you in your absence before the police and the court system in the event of an occupied home. We will make sure that all formalities are professionally and correctly executed for all our clients; ensuring full prevention, protection, efficiency and maximum speed if the situation arises.




We are specialized in preventing Squatters with our 24/7 professional monitoring. Our legal team are ready to document, report and fight on your behalf, ensuring you get full squatter protection with our team, who have expertise in the reporting needs and process requirements, ensuring you full protection.

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Avoid occupancy in your home with Vesta Vigilar, we act immediately!

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