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illegally occupying a house

Squatters are illegally occupying a house 49  times a day, meaning the number of house occupations are increasing in Spain. The platform “plataforma e Afectados por ocupación” is an organization for people in Spain who have had their apartments and houses occupied by squatters. This platform showed 11,319 reports were registered with the police in

 reclaim house from squatters by replacing squatter

In the tourist municipality of Alicante in Costa Blanca, a security company “specializing” in the eviction of squatted homes had a squatter on payroll to undertake illegal express evictions for the company, requested by property owners who had  their homes occupied  in Spain. According to the owner of a property whose tenants stopped paying rent

Home Invasion stories

With thousands of home invasion stories that have happened or are currently happening in Spain, this particular one from 1 year ago just goes to show how powerful the squatters legal rights are in Spain. With the squatter eviction process in courts having failed twice for this Norwegian family, leaving them with a minimum spend

preventing home invasions

Preventing home invasions in Spain. What legal support and assistance would be included in your Vesta Vigilar monthly subscription? Vesta Vigilar offers a 24 hour specialized monitoring service, giving you a piece of mind when your holiday home is vacant in Spain. Should there be an attempt to enter your holiday home in Spain, we

prevent home invasion

Various squatters from 3 different houses in Benidorm have been evicted by the agents of the National Police. A neighbour who alerted the police of the presence of unknown people due to causing water damage alerted the police to call the owners of these houses. The owners said nobody should be in the house,  even

report a squatter

A wife and children have left their home in the village they live in fright of their squatter neighbours. The squatters knocked on their door asking if they could pass a hose pipe through their garden so they could connect free of charge to a water supply. In exchange of giving a negative answer both

house occupants

It cost the niece of the late owner 2,000€ just to clean up the house, plus she has had to pay a company to demolish the kitchen and will have to later on replace it. The house was left in disgusting conditions by the squatters along with broken furniture and personal belongings missing. The damage

okupas valencia

Three people squatted a house together in Valencia and 2 of them have been arrested for preventing entry to the third. The police arrived to the squatted house to find a man knocking on the door of the house he occupied 3 months ago. The two squatters who got arrested removed and left the 3rd

squatters living in my house

A 75 year old married couple have been evicted from their home because their 34 year old son and girlfriend have occupied their home. Following a family drama, the young couple denounced his parents who later received a restraining order, the young couple took advantage of mentioned to become squatters in his parents home. Nine