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After living surrounded by squatters for 18 months, the violence, dirtiness, robberies and drugs made them move out of their own home which they have lived in for 48years. Full Squatter article

Complete protection service against squatters in your home

Vesta Vigilar SL provides squatter prevention and complete squatter protection service to holiday homeowners from the city of Valencia in the north, down the coast until Estepona in the south. There are many service providers that focus on evicting squatters when the situation has already arisen. Vesta Vigilar’s ambition is to prevent squatter situations from

News @ Vesta Vigilar

Vesta Vigilar expands and moves into new offices in Los Alcázares Vesta Vigilar has moved into new offices in the Europe Building in Los Alcázares. The office is conveniently located next door to the notary in Los Alcázares, and only 300 meters from the police station in Los Alcázares. With the short distance to the