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Do you fear your holiday home being occupied by Squatters?

What are Squatters?

Individuals who break in to homes and live free of charge. The Spanish law makes the process of removing squatters from your property complex. From the outside it seems like the law protects the squatters more than the homeowners. Removing the squatters can sometimes be considered a crime, depending on the procedures and circumstances.

What does home invasion mean?

The definition of home invasion is when somebody is illegally occupying a home, also known as Squatters. This is normally done by professional squatting formed by gangs that are in charge of entering the house and then illegally selling on your holiday home keys, when your home is left or has been left vacant for a period of time making it another "casa okupas" in Spain (Squatters home).

Who is Vesta Vigilar´s service for?

All homeowners, both holiday and investment, in which the homes are empty for part of the year. These holiday homes left empty for parts of the year are especially exposed to the risk of having Squatters.


We help you save money, time & worry

A Squatter eviction can be very costly up to and above €30,000 for the repair of damage, bills, lawyers, locksmiths, notaries.. Sometimes the occupiers even ask for money in exchange for leaving.

40 homes are being occupied in Spain daily, without correct assistance
it can take years for the rightful owner to reclaim the home.

Squatters continue to be a controversial problem in Spain.

Squatters (okupas in Spanish) Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume and problem has continued to increase.

Data from the Ministry of the Interior shows that the number of squatter situations have increased by almost 50% since 2016 and the volume increased by 20% from 2018 to 2019. Squatters are a significant problem in regions where there is a high share of holiday homes, such as Andalucía and the regions of Valencia and Murcia.


How to avoid squatters?

Vesta Vigilar protects your home from occupancy and squatters whilst you are abroad. We monitor your home 24/7. Should there be an attempt to enter your home we act immediately to prevent occupants possessing your home. There is an experienced legal team standing by to assist you to ensure all necessary steps are taken to satisfy the legal procedures in the case of an attempt to occupy your home.